Our Mission

Who are we, and what do we hope to achieve?

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Our Mission

Each year over 1700 people die on Britains roads, Uk Road Safety was founded to reduce this number, by producing road safety campaigns targeted within local communities we hope to fully ingrain good driving practises and important notifications to the people of the United Kingdom. Tts truly our belief that carelessness cannot take place in an environment of mindfulness

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Our Partners

We work with some of the largest corporations in the United Kingdom who help sponsor and support these campaigns; with their help that we can spread the word on all things road safety! Unfortunately government austerity programme over recent years has left local authorities without the ability to produce locally led road safety campaigns. Some areas have had their entire road safety departments shut down.

A great positive of this has been the way that the public have been able to see which companies care about their communities that they work in and thrive within. Giving back to the local community is'nt just an act of philanthropy though as the businesses who help support our campaigns also benefit greatly.

So you already know who we are, and who we work with but how do we actually try and change things for the better? Our thought process is outlined below; but put simply we believe that what makes a message powerful isn't a catchy slogan but rather an enduring one


In order to produce change we need to change the very way that people think about road safety as it relates to them.


In order for a message to be effective we first have to see the solution around us in our daily lives

Attitude Shift

Repeated exposure to the message reinforces mindfullness, its in our communities and only through repeated efforts will it transition from a thought to an action

Find out out more about corporately sponsoring a campaign.

If you work on behalf of a business that would be interested in sponsoring or supporting a road safety campaign then please contact us and we will discuss availability of campaigns local to you as well as pricing and the benefits.