"Do You Have X-Ray Vision" Campaign

Portsmouth Do you Have X-Ray Vision Poster

Portsmouth Do you Have X-Ray Vision Poster

Two of the campaign posters produced simultaniously to try and raise the profile of road safety efforts in the area.

Do You Have X-Ray Vision?

This road safety campaign produced two different campaign posters. both targeted driver behaviour. Large banners were sent to all the schools in portsmouth which displayed them on the schools railings.

It invites drivers to slow down using the rhetorical question "Do you have X-ray Vision". Obviously on crowded streets such as those around schools it can be hard to react in time to pedestrians who walk out from behind the cover of other vehicles. The second campaign poster is aimed at reducing those vehicles parking on zig-zag lines

Keep off our Zig-Zags

Pupils from Langstone Infant School helped launch a city-wide campaign to remind people not to park on the zig-zag lines outside schools. The campaign was run by Portsmouth City Council in partnership with Colas.

Child pedestrian casualties in Portsmouth are 50% higher than the national average, with around 40 children being hurt in collisions with vehicles each year. While this figure is lower than in previous years, the road safety team want to reduce it even further. All of these incidents are avoidable and a key factor is children crossing from behind parked cars. Please remember:

  • Zig-Zags outside schools should always be kept clear - don't use them as a drop-off point.
  • Don't park or drop off on double yellow lines.
  • Remind children of the risks of crossing from behind parked cars.
  • Find out out more about corporately sponsoring a campaign.

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