Motorcycle Safety

Statistics and information on how to stay safe as a Motorcyclist.

Motorbike Road Safety

  • 22% of all the Uk's road deaths are attributed to motorcyclists; this is particularly alarming when considering that they only account for 1% of all road users.
  • How to Stay Safe

  • Wear the right gear
  • Wear a Properly Fitted helmet and make sure its received a good safety score. Click Here To Visit the SHARP Website To Compare Helmets that are rated on Safety, it could save your life
  • Wear specially made protective gear for motorcyclists, going at speed the road will shred clothing you are wearing.
  • Wear reflective and fluorescent clothing at night.
  • Check for other road vehicles before pulling out.
  • Stay at a reasonable speed in order to maximize your chances of evaluating road hazards.
  • Try to anticipate other road users actions. Always take into account that they may not be aware of your presence.
  • Driving in a defensive manner can help protect yourself. Things like driving predictably and not weaving in and out to overtake traffic.
  • Glance over your shoulder before making a manoeuvre.
  • Always travel at a speed where you can break well before the next junction if a road hazard were to get in your way.
  • Take the terrain into account, going at speed on gravel could mean you could become dismounted from your motorcycle, especially when approaching at an acute angle.
  • Consider taking additional motorcycle safety courses.
  • Advice for Car & Other Vehicles

  • Get into the habit of frequently checking your mirrors.
  • Give motorcycles as much space as a car when overtaking.
  • Check for motorcycles when turning, be sure to judge their speed accurately if you are exiting a junction.
  • Check for motorcycles before opening your car door.
  • Keep your driving predictable, try not to weave or drive erratically.
  • Make allowances for bad weather.
  • Keep your distance from the motorcycle, driving too close could scare an inexperienced driver and should they become demounted you may not be able to stop in time.
  • Consider taking additional driving courses to boost your experiance and knowlege.
  • Find out more about corporately sponsoring a campaign.

    If you work on behalf of a business that would be interested in sponsoring or supporting a road safety campaign then please contact us and we will discuss availability of campaigns local to you as well as pricing and the benefits.