Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue or Driving while tired is becomin an increasingly dangerous consideration in our modern and busy lives, learn how to combat it and why it's becomming problem

Driving While Tired

Falling asleep while driving could account for upto 20% of all the UK's traffic accidents. Working long hours and not getting enough uninterrupted sleep is a major cause of this problem. Even if you do not fall asleep at the wheel driving when tired could contribute to slower reaction times and your ability to drive safely. Being tired causes a range of negative effects such as

  • Lower Reaction time
  • Lower levels of Alertness
  • Lower Concentration
  • Less Vigilance
  • Bad decision making
  • Lack of sleep impaires the rate at which information is absorbed into the brain, the result leads to sluggish reactions as well as thinking. It is recommended that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

    What You Can Do

  • Be careful when driving at times such as the early morning or the middle of the afternoon, statistics show these are when drivers tend to become more tired.
  • Try to get as much quality uninterrupted sleep as possible. Consider visiting a GP for help if you have trouble sleeping.
  • Avoid driving for long periods of time, and be extra careful when driving on featureless roads such as motorways.
  • Remain aware of how tired you are. If you are having trouble holding your head up, your eyelids feel heavy, you start yawning or any other signs that you are tired consider pulling over and taking a rest. Alternatively drink a cup of coffee or have an energy drink, however this is a short term solution and it does take time for the caffeine to have an effect.
  • Summary

    Driving while tired seriously effects your driving performance. Its the reason why large lorrie drivers are mandated by law to have periodic breaks for sleep.

    If you find yourself becoming tired on a journey, our number 1 recommendation is stop immediately and take a rest.

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