Mobile Phones & Driving

Advice on how to safely use a mbile phone

You are 400% more likely to be involved in an accident if you are using a mobile phone, that includes texting.
In 2007 driving while on the phone in the UK was made illegal. Anyone caught driving and talking on a mobile handset will Recieve 3 points on their license and a fine.
Using a mobile phone has a serious impact on your concentration levels. Your reaction speed is cut by 50% when using a mobile phone. Even a few moments looking away from the road can result in a deadly collision.

  • Never use a mobile phone while driving, instead pull over and take the call or check your phone.
  • If you are speaking with someone while they are driving, hang up and call them back later.
  • Get a handsfree phone, although it is still distracting using a handsfree phone in a car is not illegal and much less dangerous than using a handset
  • You could lose your license and get fined up to £1000 for using a mobile phone and driving.

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