Our Campaigns

Presenting Information

Our Campaigns help get important road safety information to an increasingly busy public; often the key to a successful campaign is repeated exposure

Building Bridges

Between businesses and corporations that are driving growth and innovation in local communities. This helps local people truly feel like they have a say in their local businesses and communities.

Locally Targeted

By organising our campaigns locally and sending them to important community hotspots, we can not only spread important road safety issues, but foster social cohesion.

Statistics Matter

Over 1700 people die on Britains roads each year, our organisation is dedicated to trying to reduce that number. Our campaigns help to keep the public mindful of the dangers of reckless driving. We are always looking to statistics on where to aim our campaigns

People in the UK streets

Working with and for the community

We are dedicated to producing physical real road safety campaigns that you can see and touch. In a modern age its easy to forget how a printed campaign poster can be more effective than a social media campaign. in truth its all about repeated exposure. Repeated exposure helps us keep ideas in our minds. Its the reason why companies advertise consistantly, repeated exposure builds a brand. we have been working to do the same thing with road safety until its ingrained in our social conciousness. Working with publishers to send our campaign posters to Community Hubs can help us target local people on a repeated basis, ingraining our message aas we carry out this important work throughout the UK.

Partners of UK Road Safety

Working With Business

Across the UK we work with businesses both large and small who are an important part of the local community. Many companies are helping the local community thanks to a renewed focus on corporate social responsibility. We work with these companies hand in hand to try and make our communities safer and more prosporous. We work with some of the largest building and infrastructure companies in the Uk. Their direct support helps fund some of the expense of these road safety campaigns. This alleviates the burden of public funding.


We produce campaigns locally in different areas of the United Kingdom. We tailor our campaign to the specific needs of the local community. Below are a selection of campaigns which we have sucessfully launched across the United Kingdom.


Road Safety Information and Articles

we've written a number of road safety articles that help inform people about important topics and give general advice.

driving while using mobile phone

Mobile Phone use while driving

Facts about mobile phone use while driving, and advice on how to stay within the law.

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Driver Yawning

Driving Fatigue

The consequences and remedies for driving when extremely tired, especially relevant for long journeys.

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Car Involved in a Crash

General Road Safety Advice

Some information on good driving and how to lower the chances that your involved in a serious accident.

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Motorcycle At Speed

Motorcycle Safety

Important information for all Motorcyclists aswell as how to drive around motorcycles

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A Dog Riding inside a car

Driving with Animals

Information on how to prepare for car journeys with animals, to keep everyone safe.

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Driving While on Drugs

Drug Driving

Information on Drugs effects on driving performance and also about potential rammifications of driving on drugs also links to get help.

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Drink Driving

Drink Driving

Information on the consequences of Drink Driving.
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Cycling Road Safety

Cycling Safety

information about cyclists and how to avoid especially vunerable road users.Read More

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Child Booster Seats

Information on the Laws regarding child booster seats and how to best protect children from injury in the event of a car crash
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Horse-ing around

Horses, & other unusual road users

Sometimes we encounter other users we are not familiar with, this article explains exactly what mindset to adopt, aswell as how to be considerate.
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Find out out more about corporately sponsoring a campaign.

If you work on behalf of a business that would be interested in sponsoring or supporting a road safety campaign then please contact us and we will discuss availability of campaigns local to you as well as pricing and the benefits.