Cyclists account for 6% of all deaths on the uk’s roads
Cyclists can help protect themselves by making sure to wear a helmet. Over 75% of cyclist fatalities involve serious head injuries. Although it is not law to wear a helmet on a bicycle we recommend it.
Cyclists should also be wary of road junctions, take extra care when approaching statistics show three quarters of cycling accidents take place near a junction.
If a cycle lane is available cyclists should use the cycling lane

Things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure that your bike is roadworthy and do the proper checks before setting off.
  • Read the Highway Code and make sure that you know how to cycle safely
  • Make eye contact with other road users, this way you can be sure they have seen you.
  • Wear Reflective Gear at night and florescent gear at night.
  • Consider adding lights to your bike.
  • Signal clearly so road users can anticipate your movements
  • Be wary of large vehicles such as lorrys, they may have large blind spots and often pull to the opposite direction they are turning in order to make the turn.
  • DO NOT jump read lights or amber lights. You are putting your life in serious danger, a bicycle is a road vehicle just the same as a car.
  • DO NOT ride on the pavement, you can get fined and you could accidentally stumble into a pedestrian causing injury,

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Cycling as a Motorist.

How do you avoid accidents with bicycle users if you are driving a car or other vehicles?

  • Give cyclists as much room as you would any other road user, when overtaking make sure you are not too close to them.
  • If the road you are driving on has a cycle lane, pay attention and be sure. To drive cautiously incase of bicycles
  • Get into the habbit of checking your mirrors often, this way you can anticipate them and take action.. do not forget to check your blind spot .
  • During bad weather such as icy roads or particularly slippery road surfaces, allow cyclists more room incase they become dismounted.
  • When turning left always check for bicycles first.
  • Check for bikes before opening your car door.

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