Motorcycling Road Safety Information and Advice

Motorbike Road safety

  • 22% of all the uks road deaths are attributed to motorcyclists; this is particularly alarming when considering that they only account for 1% of all road users.

To reduce chances of injury and death follow this advice.

  • Wear the right gear
  • Wear a Properly Fitted helmet make sure it received a good safety score.

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    to help you find one.
  • Wear specially made protective gear for motorcyclists, going at speed the road will shred clothing you are  wearing
  • Wear Reflective Gear at night and florescent gear at night.
  • Check for other road vehicles before pulling out.
  • Stay at a reasonable speed in order to maximize your chances of evaluating road hazards
  • Try to anticipate other road users actions. Always take into account that they may not be aware of your presence.
  • Driving in a defensive manner can help protect yourself. Things like driving predictably and not weaving in and out  to overtake traffic
  • Glance over your shoulder before making a manoeuvre
  • Always travel at a speed when you can break well before the next junction if a road hazard were to get in your way,
  • Take the terrain into account, going at speed on gravel could mean you could become dismounted from motorcycle especially when approaching at an acute angle

Consider taking additional motorcycle safety courses (advert) they could potentially save your life.

In order to avoid a collision with a motorbike as another road user follow these suggestions

  • Get into the habit of frequently checking your mirrors.
  • Give motorcycles as much space as a car when overtaking
  • Check for motorcycles when turning, be sure to judge their speed accurately if you are exiting a junction
  • -check for motorcycles before opening your car door
  • Check for motorcycles when changing lanes, be sure to use your mirrors and check your blind spot.
  • Keep your driving predictable, try not to weave or drive erratically
  • Make allowances for bad weather
  • Keep your distance from the motorcycle, driving too close could scare an inexperienced driver and should they become demounted you may not be able to stop in time.


Consider taking additional driving courses (here)

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